“Hello, my name is John Petersen, President of Petersen Restorations.  I look forward to serving you and providing you with excellent business and craftsmanship skills.  I have over 30 years experience in this field, I am a master finisher, finish consultant, art-object conserver.  I was born in South Florida and have traveled the world honing my crafts.  Having experienced first hand much of the art and culture around the world I incorporate these experiences and blessings in the work I do.  I and my coworkers love the work we do and unconditionally guarantee to meet or exceed your expectations.  Feel free to email or call me, it is my pleasure to serve you.”


                                John Petersen       


      Art to art-object repair, restoration and conservation. 

      Serving discriminating clients since 1985

✧ Sculptures ✧ Antiques Paintings ✧ Frames ✧ Collectables